Our Services

How we can help you?

To request any service or place any risk requires a fax or email to
the office in Grenada or Trinidad on your company placement slip.
Confirmation would follow within 24 hours and Cover Notes
with authentication in 48 hours.   We trust you will avail yourselves of the
company’s products, professionalism and affordability in the future as
we strive to make the Caribbean One.


  1. Provision of Treaty or Facultative Placement of every risk in your portfolio.
  2. Ensure most profitable mix of retention and commission receivable to your company.
  3. Prompt claims collection and payment.


  1. Review of company’s profile, image and public relations.
  2. Design and implementation of a new corporate marketing program – three (3) step approach.
  3. Review of policy documents and coverages.


  1. Review and enhance systems and procedures in underwriting and claims
  2. Customer Service needs and approaches.

Risk Management

  1. Client risk inspections and surveys.
  2. Loss Control Reports and Engineering Advice.
  3. Finance Assessment Services.


  1. Training of Staff and Field Representatives in various specialized skill requirements.
  2. Provision of current data and findings in the regional and international insurance

Legal Advice

  1. Summary legal advice on claims.
  2. Legal review of corporate decisions
    (if required)
  3. Matters referred – Civil.


Our staff can guide you to the right resources and services to support your projects. Call us today!